Die Fledermaus

Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss
Sarah Telford, Director
Conducted by Alan Yost

March 26 and 27, 2010
Video About Die Fledermaus

Cast and Production team

Prince Orlofsky (Sarah Telford) greets the Hungarian countess (Robin Farnsley)

Dr. Falke (Tom Frates) conspires with Adele (Kimberly Peck)

Frank (Jeramie Hammond) and Eisenstein (Thom Kenney) at the ball

Gypsy violinist Siri Smedvig

Concord eXpress

Dancers from the School of Ballet Arts


Jailer Frosch (Brad Amidon) torments Alfred (Ray Bauwens)


Rosalinde: Robin Farnsley
Adele: Kimberly Peck
Gabriel Eisenstein: Thom Kenney
Alfred: Ray Bauwens
Dr. Blind: Ben Clark
Dr. Falke: Tom Frates
Frank: Jeramie Hammond
Sally: Kimberly Moller
Frosch: Brad Amidon
Prince Orlovsky: Sarah Telford


Siri Smedvig, gypsy violin

The Concord eXpress barbershop quartet

Dancers from the School of Ballet Arts

Production Team

Producers: David Atwood and Carole Wayland

Costume Designer: Dolores Carabillo

Bat/mask backdrop: Allen Bantly and Carole Wayland

Decorations: Elegant Affairs of Boston

Front of House: Dorrie Bean, Carol Ehrlich, Joanne Hines, Gail Penrod, Pam Sturgis, Dick and Cathie Sur, Cynthia Wood

Lighting: Rick Shamel

Makeup: Karen Burnum

Poster design: Ruthy Goldman

Props: Sally Bull and Susie Baldwin

Program: Susie Baldwin

Publicity: Kathy Chick and Dorothy Schecter

Stage crew: Jay Newlon

Tickets: David Atwood and Carole Wayland

Video: David Atwood and Julio Gomez

Programs: Susie Baldwin

Props: Susie Baldwin, Sally Bull


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